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About me

I grew up in the New Forest and have been immersed in the horse world since my first lesson on my seventh birthday. I have competed in a variety of disciplines including one-day-eventing, show jumping, dressage and showing. I have spent time working on a range of competition yards which has provided me with invaluable knowledge of the training and competition requirements of top event horses.

I spent 3 years studying for my degree in Sports Science at Brunel University in West London and graduated in 2014. At 24 years old, I have decided to focus my career on my true passion in life and work with horses. I completed the Equissage Europe Sports and Rehabilitation Massage course in 2015, taught personally by Helen Woolley.I am currently studying a part-time post graduate Master’s degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Writtle University College, and will be fully qualified within the next 2 years.

I am a fully trained and insured ESMT based in Ringwood in the New Forest, covering Hampshire, Dorset and South Wilts. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Helena Whiting

My horse feels so good after Helena has been to see him

Helena made a huge difference to our horse’s quality of life

Thank you for a very thorough assessment and treatment of my horse

Helena’s desire to do the best she can really shines through

Thank you for helping my horse to stay at his best

I would highly recommend Helena to treat your horse or pony

What are the benefits of sports massage for my horse?

Regular, professional sports massage will ensure your horses’ muscles are prepared for any level of work.

Massage does this by:

  • Increasing blood flow to the muscles which, in turn, promotes the removal of waste products and toxins which normally cause pain and stiffness
  • Increasing the range of movement within joints and improves resting muscle tone
  • Preventing spasms forming within muscle fibres and relieving existing spasms through the use of deep pressure massage techniques
  • Working in unison with the lymph system to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Increasing bio-feedback which promotes the use of disused/atrophied muscles and improves the muscle's ability to contract
  • Reducing tension and promoting relaxation by releasing endorphins

When should I employ an ESMT for my horse?

Sports massage can be used for general maintenance during training to ensure your horse’s muscles remain supple and free of any pain or discomfort. ESM can also be used during a period of box rest or reduced work load. Naturally, horses often experience muscle atrophy/wastage during an extended period of rest. Sports massage stimulates the atrophied muscle fibres and causes them to contract, inevitably leading to hypertrophy of the muscle. It also works with the lymphatic system to reduce swelling and inflammation which often occurs when a horse’s movement is limited.

Sports massage can also be given before or after an event. It warms up the body and prepares the muscles for a period of intense work by stimulating the active contraction of muscle fibres and increasing blood flow. It can be tailored to stimulate or relax a horse prior to an event, dependant on the task at hand. Following an event, sports massage helps to prevent stiffness by removing toxins and waste products which are secreted in the horse’s muscles after a period of high intensity exercise, thus increasing the speed at which the muscles can return to their resting state.

Helena Whiting

ESMT has been known to treat a variety of common musculo-skeletal issues. You should seek the help of an ESMT if your horse displays any of the following:

  • Reluctance to relax into an outline, or neck stiffness
  • Lack of poll flexion and bend
  • Lack of head inclination through lateral work
  • Failure to track up, uneven stride length, or general stiffness in the limbs
  • Inability to pick up a particular canter lead, or inability to perform flying changes on one lead
  • Difficulty when performing lateral work, on one or both sides
  • Stiffness or lack of bend on one rein
  • Head shaking, tilting and shyness
  • Sore or cold backed, bucking or rearing when ridden
  • Hollow backed
  • General musculo-skeletal problems
Helena Whiting
Helena Whiting
Helena Whiting

Consultation and Prices

Prior to any first treatment, I will take a full history of your horse, as well as a physical assessment. This could last up to 2 hours and includes a full sports massage as well as passive stretches if applicable. The consultation can include:

  • Current work load and previous work/competition history
  • Current feed and supplement information
  • A discussion of any schooling problems
  • Conformation assessment - I will also have a look at shoeing
  • Gait assessment in hand (under saddle if necessary)
  • Saddle fit assessment
  • Any measurements where necessary

Each assessment and treatment will be tailored to suit each horse’s needs. Following a treatment, I will advise stretches and exercises where necessary, as well as a follow up plan.

I provide a range of treatments
which include:
Initial assessment and sports massage (allow 2 hours)
Follow up session (maintenance/routine sessions or remedial treatments) (approx 1hr)
Pre event massage
Post event massage
Helena Whiting

Group discounts of 2 or more horses at one yard are available on request. Introductory offers are available for new clients, so please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this further.

Helena Whiting

Travel costs will be incurred for clients outside a 15 mile radius of Ringwood at 42p/mile. Payment must be given on the day of treatment in cash or cheque.

*The veterinary act of 1966 states that an ESMT requires the consent of the horse’s vet prior to any treatment. An ESMT is not a substitute for a vet and is unable to diagnose any problems your horse may have. If your horse has not improved after 3 treatments of a specific problem, a vet should be consulted


Helena graduated from the Equissage Europe certification course in Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage Therapy with flying colours. Her background knowledge of horses and her intense desire to do the best she possibly can for all equines really shone through. Helena was an outstanding pupil, easily mastering the massage sequence but also excelling in her study of anatomy. She has a natural empathy with animals but also an ability to communicate with clients that will make her easy to approach and to discuss any problem you may be experiencing with your horse or pony. She has great maturity, common sense and an excellent sense of humour. I would thoroughly recommend her to treat your horse or pony!

Helen Wooley, Course tutor

Helena made a huge difference to Dior's quality of life she is moving around much better and seems to be more relaxed in herself. Thanks Helena.

Helen and Tim Gaskell, Dior

Thank you Helena for a very thorough assessment and treatment of my horse Otto .As a Chartered Physiotherapist myself [for humans !] we all know the benefits of deep tissue massage, and horses are no different to us .The exercises and pole work advice to follow on with is really helpful too . Looking forward to the next treatment, many thanks again.

Sue Pratt, Otto

Thank you so much Helena for coming to see Solo and helping him stay at his best! He felt fab afterwards; we will keep up the exercises.

Georgia Wass, Solo

Thank you Helena for doing such an amazing job treating my dressage horses. It's working so well having you regularly treat them and it's helping me get the best from them. They feel so much looser and supple. So pleased we found you.


Helena is fantastic! Worked on my daughter’s pony who was showing some stiffness on the left rein.He was so much more relaxed after his treatment- Highly recommended.


Amazing! Helena was fantastic with our new pony who is a little skittish and unsure. She gave us great feedback and an exercise plan to get Maggie up to optimum fitness and strength. Thank you so much, we will be making Helena a regular part of Maggie's life.


Helena conducts herself in a professional manner and was pleasant to watch work on my mare having a routine massage. My mare, not being the easiest customer, certainly enjoyed it and I'm grateful for her putting up with her feats. Would 110% recommend to anyone.

Jenny A

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